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The season of Thanksgiving is upon us. Pretty soon it'll be coming on Christmas and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be in full swing. The words "Tis the Season" will appear on every storefront, church doorstep, and front door that we step over the threshold of and people will talk about peace, goodwill, and brotherhood to all men. But if you're anything like me, I suspect that you might approach the holidays with a mixed set of emotions. The stress of hosting dinner for relatives, family, and loved ones flying in from all over is only rivaled by the mental image of everyone sitting around a great big table with all the fixins' and second helpings one's heart could desire. Amid the robust holiday cheer and lovely sentiment, I think sometimes we forget that for some people the holiday season is a very difficult time. Not everything that happens to us in life is joyous and it can be hard to find reason to be thankful. However, it is in those moments that we have to purpose in our hearts not to become bitter and discouraged. Purposeful Thanksgiving has a way of breaking through the clouds and causing the sun to shine once again. An attitude of gratitude may not change our present circumstances but it can help calm our emotions, reset our priorities, and accentuate the positives rather than the negatives. As Dr. Maya Angelou said "you can be changed by what happens to you but you can refuse to be reduced by it." In watching past episodes of Oprah's Life Class this week, I was reminded of the value of gratitude when popular life coach and relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant said that "joy is always pregnant with possibility." In other wards, joy is a window that opens unto our dreams, hopes, and visions of the highest possibilities for our lives. And when we live out a space of gratitude we free other people to be who they really are. Joy is contagious and when we traffic in a lifestyle of gratitude our cup simply overflows. Imagine what your life would be like if you heart was constantly swelling with joy? What would you do, where would you go, and how would you relate to others if you lived out of a spirit of gratitude? On this thanksgiving let us pause with our families to recount the many blessings God has bestowed upon us and offer a prayer of thanks. Let us show our love and appreciation for one another and extend our hands to others. I pray the light of God's love fills your heart this Thanksgiving and that you experience a profound sense of wonder, joy, magic, and excitement this holiday season.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

Joyce A. Boahene

President of Count It All Joy

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There is no greater joy than the birth of a new baby! In the eyes and mind of God children are a blessing Psalm 127:3 (NKJ). As parents we have a responsibility to shape our children to develop a strong sense of value and purpose. Through much love, training and patience every child in turn can pass down the heritage from one generation to the next.  At Count It All Joy we believe in passing down the heritage of faith, family and love. Our "Little Children" Moses Basket is designed to celebrate the blessing of a newborn baby. A modern take on an ancient tradition this cozy comforter blends classic Moroccan style with artful color designs that are sure to make any baby's room pop to perfection.  Pick up one today and let the "Little Children" Moses Basket help you celebrate the arrival of your baby in style!

To purchase the "Little Children"  Moses Basket shop our Blessed Occasion™  line at  www.count-it]]>

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These last few weeks of summer seem to be an ideal time for refreshing and restoration. Most of us will squeeze in our last few trips to the beach and family barbecues before gearing up for back to school and the hustle-bustle of the work world.

In a similar fashion, there is a sense of growing spiritual refreshment—from large conferences taught by renowned ministers like Joyce Meyer to small and simple women’s retreats in your hometown. Each offers a wonderful time for calm, community and communion with God.

The Psalms speak of a God that "refreshes and restores my life [myself]. He leads me in the paths of righteousness [uprightness and right standing with Him- not for my earning it, but] for His name sake" (Psalm 23:1-3 Amplified). This refreshing and restoration is a sure promise if you have already made the Lord your Shepherd.

If you don’t know Him in a personal way, you can pray today and ask Him to become your Good Shepherd—one that will care for and watch over your soul all the days of your life.

As the countdown to summer’s end begins, remember to take time for refreshment and restoration. It is the pathway to spiritual renewal. Below, I have posted a few lines for reflection from our Meditations of The Heart Devotional. The devotional is designed to help you pause daily to reflect and meditate on the goodness of God. Consider these words in your moments of refreshing….

LORD, restore my soul and let me see,
The child that I was meant to be.
LORD, restore my soul and let me walk,
In Your perfect liberty.
LORD, restore my soul,
And let my thoughts rest solely on Your Word.

Be Blessed,

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Whether we have been nurtured emotionally, mentally or physically by our natural or mother-figure we all have our stories. For some Mother's Day may conjure up feelings of pain, rejection and neglect. For others, it could serve as a friendly reminder of our childhood bliss and acceptance!

However, those who have participated in our online discussion of Mother's Day:
* Have been honest enough to share their truth in love.
* Have chosen to honor their Mother by accentuating the positives.
* Have committed to growing and learning to become the best Mother that they can possibly be.

The message then for all of us is a reminder that no matter what our circumstances may be, we can still choose to focus on the positives and learn and grow from the negatives.

Thanks to all who posted on our Mother's Day Celebration on facebook. This new poem was inspired by you! Feel free to send this to your MOM.

MY Precious MOM

To my precious MOM on Mother's Day,
This little note has come to say;
That I honor you in a special way!
To my precious MOM on Mother's Day,
This little note has come to say;
That my love for you is here to stay.
To my precious MOM on Mother's Day,
This little note has come to say;
That you have inspired and encouraged me-
To be the person that I am today!]]>

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There is no greater joy and victory than what Jesus won for us upon Calvary. So as we gather together to celebrate, let us be thankful that His suffering, death and  Resurrection has given us eternal life.

LORD, when I pause to think of Calvary,
And the liberty that You bought there for me;
I praise You!
When I think of all that You went through,
Over sinful deeds that You never knew;
I bless You!
When I think of how You interceded,
To the Father over every need;
I thank You!
When I think of what my life once was,
And the Mercy shown from God above;
I exalt You!
When I think of all Your faithfulness,
In securing me a place to rest;
I adore You!
When I think of how they pierced Your hands,
And the work of God's redemptive plan;
I honor You!
When I think of how You were denied,
But the Father's will You did not defied;
I worship You!
When I think of what a privilege,
It is to call You LORD;
I love You!
When I think of all Your Heavenly Host,
And the power of the Holy Ghost;
LORD, I will live for You!]]>

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Sisters In The Struggle

We are true sisters in the struggle,

And the fight for our cause will never be forgotten.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

For we have overcome many a silent battle.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

We are a voice for today;

And a light for tomorrow.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

We are an example for the future generation to follow.

We are true sisters with a mission,

And we must endeavor to fulfill our vision.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

And we must carefully weigh every thought and decision.

We are true sisters with a purpose,

And we must maintain our stand and our focus.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

But the reward for our pain will surely be doubled.


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April marks national poetry month, so in honor of the occasion I will be sharing a selection of my original poetry. All selections can be found in my book Count It All Joy Inspirational Poems which is available on

This first poem is entitled The Mountain:

As I journey on through space and time,
The mountain seems so hard to climb.
And as I count the miles ahead,
The horizon seems unlimited.
So I have learned to leave the wind behind,
For the hidden treasures that I must find.
When I grow weary in my toil,
I shed tears for pain untold.
And when life's questions seem unclear,
Or mysteries won't unfold;
I lift my heart with songs above,
Assured that God in all His love is watching over me.
He sends me sunshine through the day,
To light my path and show the way.
And through the thunder and the rain,
He helps me count each loss as gain.
The strength that He gives me on my way,
Will lead me to a better day;
Where pain no longer will surround
But all of God's glory will abound.



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