In our fast paced society  people often have no time for quiet reflection. Our lives are spinning out of control as we attempt to balance our schedules and the demands of everyday life! There is a great need for balance.

Count it all joy has been on a series looking at the many ways that we can count it all joy. Today, I would like to introduce you to a product from our devotional  line  called The Quiet Time Companion. This 31 day devotional  journal is designed to help you in your spiritual growth and development. Part of that journey includes setting aside time for fun activities, reading the bible, studying and journaling.

Journaling  provides  an opportunity to pour your heart out on paper without any fear or inhibition. It is  a great way to unload. Above all it can help you to write the vision for your life and chart the progress.

The 31 day Quiet Companion begins with:

*A personal poem

* A thought for reflection

* A scripture

* Space to write your own personal  thoughts.

I charge everyone to take the next  31 days  to meditate, pray and  write the things that come into your heart and see if it does not change your life. At the end of 31 days I would like you to come back to this blog and share how this experience has changed your life for the better.