Joyce A. Boahene - President of Count It All Joy

 A poet, author, and entrepreneur, Joyce A. Boahene can most aptly be described as a Christian wordsmith. To date, she has penned more than four hundred works of literary prose and published ten inspirational book titles. Her work spans the gamete of contemporary themes such as friendship, love, marriage, family, and raising children, faith and spirituality, emotional healing, recovering from grief and loss, and overcoming life challenges. As a self-made business owner she is perhaps the quintessential personification of a modern Renaissance woman. In 1995, she started a Christian personal expressions company from the ground up- selling custom framed poetry and gift ware baskets out of the basement of her home. With her knack for words and flair for design, she managed to turn Count It All Joy into a virtual household name in the local Syracuse area. Over the past 17 years Joyce has been commissioned by church leaders, business officials, and community members alike to compose poetry for special occasions and public events. Owing entirely to the success and popularity of her work she has gained regional notoriety as a guest speaker at women's retreats and church conferences in Albany and Binghamton New York. Always a faithful servant of her community, Joyce has held leadership positions as a lay Bible group leader, a small women's group leader, and part-time faculty assistant for the Bible Institute affiliated with her home church. Gifted like no other Joyce is poised to become a leading voice in the Christian personal expressions market. For her, words will continue to be her evolution to living in the truth.